Unveiling the Toposcope

At Market Lavington Museum, we realise that today’s events are tomorrow’s history. This evening, the unveiling of the toposcope near the army vedette at the top of White Street marked the culmination of five years of events arranged by the Lavington and District WWI Commemoration Group.

We have been given a chunk of granite, as used in the plinth of the toposcope, which we will keep in the museum, along with copies of the speeches and photographs of the occasion.


The crowd at the unveiling ceremony

Cubs, Sea Scouts and a bugler took part in the event at the edge of the military training area, which would have been familiar to thousands of British, Canadian and Australian troops who passed through Lavington before being sent to the battlefields of Europe.


The toposcope plinth and seat, before the ceremony

After the speeches, the toposcope was unwrapped, a wreath was laid on behalf of the British Legion and prayers were led by the rector.


Plinth unveiled

Then the children scattered poppy seeds from ‘tin hats’, remembering the flowers that grew in the war disturbed soil of France.


Scattering poppy seeds

Finally, we all had a chance to admire the disc, depicting so much of local relevance and international poignancy.


The WWI toposcope on Lavington Hill



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