Grow your own in Market Lavington

Over the years, the land in Market Lavington and Easterton, has been cultivated by various market gardening enterprises, some with large greenhouses, and fruit was grown on a large scale to supply the jam making factory in Easterton. Some householders continue to grow vegetables in their own gardens and there have been allotments at the top of Northbrook and along The Clays. See Market Gardening at Fiddington and  Northbrook Allotments

During the 2nd World War, people all over Britain were encouraged to grow their own vegetables, including cabbages.


One of the wartime Ministry of Agriculture leaflets, which we have at the museum, gives advice on growing various members of the cabbage family, extolling their virtues as year round crops, providing protective vitamins and minerals, if properly cooked.

Cabages snip 1

Cabbages snip 2

Much of the advice remains relevant today, although some of the available plant varieties may have changed. However, the advice to deal with flea beetle by dusting with derris, benzine hexachloride or DDT powder, or killing slugs with metaldehyde, would no longer be recommended as many of these products are now banned.

To look at some of our other Dig for Victory leaflets, see How to … Dig for Victory, Valuable crops – peas, beans and potatoes, Dig for VictoryKnow your onions, 



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