How to … Dig for Victory

Our collection of 2nd World War Ministry of Agriculture Dig for Victory leaflets contains  a lot of information on growing particular foodstuffs. The idea was to enable novice gardeners to become more self sufficient at a time when imported food supplies were less available.

However, some of the leaflets focused  not on specific plants, but on gardening skills and methods. Market Lavington Museum also has some of these How to … fact sheets.

Dig for Victory 2 snip

The leaflet explaining how to make a compost heap also provides a diagram and written information on how to build a slow burning bonfire. ‘This type of bonfire will burn slowly for about a week and its ash will have a high potash content.’

Bonfire snip

Although some of the Dig for Victory advice recommends using chemicals that are no longer approved of, the leaflet on how to deal with garden pests does also suggest non-contentious procedures such as weeding around the crops, hand picking off the pests and removing infested leaves.

Dig snip

Finally, we have a leaflet telling gardeners how to dig. This is number 20 of the New Series and is in a totally different format, being a concertina style, printed with sepia photographs on both sides.

How to dig concertina 1

Dig concertina 2

For more information on our Dig for Victory leaflets, see Dig for VictoryGrow your own in Market LavingtonValuable crops – peas, beans and potatoes and Know your onions

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