All Services Knitwear

Services knitwear 1

This knitting pattern booklet contains instructions for knitting a variety of garments for WWII menfolk away at war.

It could be very cold being out on deck in the Navy and this headwear was designed to keep out the weather.

Services knitwear 4

However, seamen might have needed their fingers available, hence this pattern for fingerless mittens.

Services knitwear 3

Interestingly, the instructions are called recipes.

Unfortunately, war could often lead to injuries and hospitalisation, when warm socks might have been needed.

Services knitwear 5

We’ll finish with two dapper young military types, modelling the jumpers knitted by their womenfolk at home.

Services knitwear 6 Man's service jacket, Godfrey

Man’s service jacket – Godfrey design

Services knitwear 7 Man's service pull-over, Fred

Man’s service pull-over – Fred design


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