Amber Beads

In our collection of local items at Market Lavington Museum, we have this amber necklace from the 1920s.

amber beads 1

It belonged to the mother of the founder of our village museum and would have been very fashionable at the time of the flappers. It measures 56 cms from the back of the neck to the tip of the tassle.

Real amber is the fossilised resin from ancient trees, but imitation amber beads are also used in jewelry.

amber beads 3

The large bead near the base of the necklace is connected by intricately twisted wire.

amber beads 2

It’s a delightful item of fashion history from a hundred years ago.

One Response to “Amber Beads”

  1. Christine Chaffey Says:

    I`ve got an amber necklace from the same period, which belonged to my late grandmother. Mine is a deep orange in colour, no tassle, but has beads of various sizes, mostly large. Great to receive emails from Market Lavington Museum again. My ancestors lived there, and we discovered we were related to Peggy Gye. Kept in touch with Rog, who linked up more relatives. Keep up the good work.

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