The sun ray lamp again

sunray lamp 1

We have seen this sun ray lamp from the late 1930s before. For more information on how it worked, see A sun ray lamp

In the first half of the 20th century, ultra violet rays were believed to be beneficial for people suffering from many medical conditions. Sun ray therapy was prescribed for varicose veins, heart disease, sore throats, anaemia and acne and was also used by adults for tanning. Some of these treatments were carried out in hospitals with large scale equipment but, at Market Lavington Museum, we have a small lamp for use at home.

We have had our lamp out on display recently, along with some of its spare parts.

sunray lamp 3

We believe that the carbon rods burnt away and needed to be replaced from time to time. We have packs of two types of carbons – Special Therapeutic Negative Carbons and Therapeutic Cored Polymetallic Carbons. We also have coloured glass filters and spare electric coils.

sunray lamp 2

Children were regularly treated  wearing goggles to protect their eyes, whilst having their bodies exposed to the rays. It is now understood that ultraviolet rays can cause skin cancer and are to be avoided.


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