Another sampler from Easterton

We have already seen a sampler with a short religious text that hung over a bed in Easterton. See An Easterton Sampler

Today’s sampler almost didn’t make it to the museum, as it was rescued from a skip in Easterton, when the Wesleyan Chapel was being converted into a house.

sampler 1

This sampler also has a religious text, beautifully sewn with tiny stitches. Apart from  a hole near the top right corner it is in remarkably good condition after nearly two centuries.

Sampler 2

It is surrounded by an intricate border and has several little pictures too.

Sampler 3

Samplers were often made by young girls to demonstrate their sewing proficiency and ability to use a variety of stitches. This one was made in 1805 by Harriot Hunt. We know nothing about her, so please leave a comment if the name means anything to you.

Thank goodness that this delightful piece of needlework was rescued for us to enjoy.

Can you add anything to this or do you want to know more?

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