Posing for a photograph

Market Lavington photographer, Alf Burgess, set up his business in the village in 1886 and the museum has many photographs taken by him and, later, by his sons. Unfortunately, we are often unaware of the identity of the subject, as is the case with this photograph.

Burgess pic, boy posing

Neither do we have a date for it but, from the young man’s clothes, assume it to be late Victorian or Edwardian. It was presumably taken in the photographer’s studio, which would have had such furniture props.

Although, at a first glance, the subject could be taken for a young adult of shortish stature, a closer look reveals a boyish face. His clothing and pose reflect the greater formality of those times, over a century ago.

Burgess boy pic 2

For more about Alf Burgess and his photographs see Alfred Burgess photographs.

Or, if you type Burgess in the search box, you will find many more related items.

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