A weeding tool

All the objects in our museum collection should have some connection to Market Lavington or anywhere that has ever been in the parish of Market Lavington. Some are very specifically local whilst others are more generic, but have been used in the village.

This is one such item.

It’s a garden tool, now missing its wooden handle. We imagine this would have been a long handle.

It has a prong and a curved section, allowing a pivoting and lifting action. It would have been used for prising weeds with long roots, such as dandelions, out of the ground. The plant would have been trapped in the prong at ground level, then the handle would have been lowered. Providing the soil was moist enough, the dandelion would have been removed, complete with its tap root.

(All museum artefacts are allocated individual numbers. These are applied using methods approved by professionals in the museum service and can be removed if needed.)

Dandelion weeding tools are still available, with long or short handles, but modern ones tend to be lighter in weight and made from a stainless metal in contrast to the heavy iron tools of yesteryear.

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