Another candlestick

Recently we’ve looked at some of our candle holders (Candlelight, Candle holders) and may have looked back at The Candle Lantern. Today’s little item might have an interesting story to tell, if we did but know it.

It is the top part of a candlestick and was found in Market Lavington by a metal detectorist. Our records say it is lead/pewter. It certainly feels as heavy as a leaden object.

It is patterned with scrolls and lines and has a socket for a candle in its somewhat damaged top.

We do not know its age or what its base was like and whether it had a handle, so just appreciate it for what it is – another fragment of local history.

2 Responses to “Another candlestick”

  1. Norman merritt Says:

    It would date from 1600s (pewter)poor mans silver.

    • marketlavingtonmuseum Says:

      Thank you, Norman. At Market Lavington Museum, we always appreciate your expert knowledge on finds. We thought it looked old, but know that pewter items were also being made in the late nineteenth and twentieth centuries. Our curator knows of a family tea service in pewter, that was probably early twentieth century.

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