A saucepan and steamer

As Market Lavington Museum is housed in a Victorian cottage, we are fortunate in having a kitchen range in the building, which provides a focal point for our household displays. (See A permanent display)

On one side of the range, we have this saucepan.

It dates from about 1900 and comprises a very heavy pan, a lighter steamer and a lid.

It was made by Kenrick and the pan holds 12 pints. (That’s nearly 7 litres.) The base of the pan is 22cms in diameter.

Most modern kitchens have a cooker top with room for four pans and often have a separate electric kettle, but this range has space for just two pans, or a pan and a kettle. Being able to steam the vegetables over whatever was cooking in the saucepan would have been a practical solution to having limited hot plate space.

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