Blow the fire, blacksmith

Market Lavington Museum was set up by Peggy Gye. Her husband’s family ran the building firm at Gye’s Yard on White Street in Market Lavington. They dealt with far more than just building, having a blacksmith and wheelwright working for them too. They also dealt with funerals. Many of the old tools and objects used by the firm have found their way into the museum.

These huge bellows dominate one corner of our trades room. They were used at Gye’s Yard until they were replaced by a motorised fan, to keep the fire hot enough for smithy work.

A little poem was left beside the bellows by our founder curator.

Apparently the words are from a traditional Gloucestershire song, collected by Cecil Sharp in 1909.


3 Responses to “Blow the fire, blacksmith”

  1. denise Hopkins Says:

    Hi, just found this site, this song Blow the fire blacksmith was sung to me and my siblings by my grandmother who was born in Yate 1905. In turn I sang to my child and grandchildren. The words are slightly different,, Recently I am researching family history and sent the words and information of song as sang to me, to the occupier of a property in Bristol which my 3x times grandmother and 2 x grandmother lived. perhaps they would have been sung within the walls of the property. regards Denise

  2. Maureen Morrison Says:

    My grandmother and mother sang this song, words slightly different as I think it was used as a skipping song. Blow the fire blacksmith make a pretty light, out jumps a little girl all dressed in white. White shoes and stockings, long curly hair, Oh what a pretty girl was going to the fair. Point to the east and point to the west, point to the very one that you love best.

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