Best brown boots

At Market Lavington Museum, we have various small, black, leather boots in poor condition, due to having been put in walls and behind fireplaces to bring good luck. ( See Boots as good luck charms)

These boots, however, are in very good condition and our records state they are ‘Men’s Best’ brown leather boots.

They look rather narrow for male feet, though they are about eleven inches long.

They have pointed toes and leather soles, so we imagine they were worn as fashion items rather than workaday footwear.

Their good condition is partly due to their shape being maintained with shoe stretchers.

These wooden items are made in three parts. To use them, it is necessary to partly unlace the boots, then insert the toe piece. The heel section goes in next and then the central wedge is pushed into place, sliding down grooves. Finally, the boots need to be laced up again. The shoe trees are a very snug fit and we imagine they were made for this particular design of boot. No doubt this was a costly item of footwear in its day.

Can you add anything to this or do you want to know more?

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