Another carriage lamp

At Market Lavington Museum we have two mid 19th century carriage lamps, used to illuminate horse drawn carriages in the dark. (See A Bread Cart Carriage Lamp for our other one.)

This lamp is not in quite such good condition as the Notton’s bakery one. Its glass is cracked.

It would have had a red rear light, but the glass disc for this is missing.

The catch for opening the lamp to change the candle is reluctant to move and we would not like to risk forcing it.

Through the cracked front glass, we can just see where the candle would have been inserted. Like the Notton’s bread cart lamp, this one also had a spring candle holder, to raise the candle as it burnt down.

Despite its poor condition now, about 150 or so years ago it was a good enough design to warrant a patent – number 2070. We still rate it as a great object to remind us of how motive power and vehicle lighting has advanced over the years.

It will feature in our new display on horse power.

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