Notton’s carriage lamp

We have seen this mid 19th century lamp before at A Bread Cart Carriage Lamp This previous blog gives more information about Notton’s bakery, but now we will look at the lamp in a bit more detail.

On the back of the lamp, there is a small circle of red glass, giving a rear red glow from the candle, to warn traffic coming from behind in the dark. Above the red disc is a catch, which allows the back section to open.

Inside, we can see the oval glass of the front window and, to the right, the clear rectangular glass of a side window. In front of these is the housing for the light source – a candle. This spring candle holder was designed to lift the candle as it burnt down, so that the flame remained in a good position for sending light out through the three windows.

Can you add anything to this or do you want to know more?

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