The Volunteer Rifle Corps

In the latter part of the nineteenth century, a group of volunteer riflemen met and trained locally. In Market Lavington Museum, we have some photographs of them in their uniforms. For more information about them, see The Loyal Volunteers,The Loyal Volunteers and The Loyal Volunteers. John Baker, the Market Lavington whitesmith (see John Baker) was a keen member and won many trophies for his marksmanship.

John Baker was the quartermaster and is standing eighth from the left in this photograph from 1875.

Our next blog post will consider some of the challenges these men met to prove their competance.

One Response to “The Volunteer Rifle Corps”

  1. Norman merritt Says:

    Formed originally as a home defence force during the napoleonic war .with regiments of the regular army fighting overseas against
    Napoleon the government of the day feared a French invasion and so formed a voluntary defence force to combat this threat
    Each village and town had its own units and were badged accordingly.
    Lavington were the lavington loyal volunteers a selection of these buttons are in the museum at lavington found over the years with
    My detector in the fields around lavington
    West lavington buttons just bore the initials W.L.L.V for west lavington loyal volunteers

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