Nincompooks and jellyfish

In the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, there were several small private schools in Market Lavington and neighbouring villages. One of these was at Beech House on White Street in Market Lavington.

Beech House is the subject of this lovely drawing by John Worsfold. We think the school may actually have been in the building just to the right, which is at right angles to Beech House.

At Market Lavington Museum, we have a photocopy of a few pages of a rough book belonging to Master Biggs, from Marston, who was a pupil at Beech House School in the 1860s.

The neat writing on this page refers to English geography and reads:-

The Cheshire Plain between the Pennine and Welsh mountains.

The plains of York between the Pennine range and the Wolds.

Other legible jottings include, ‘ Charles Biggs, Marston, Wilts, 1864’, ‘I shall be glad’ and ‘routine’.

There are names of other pupils in Feb 1869. These are divided into first class boys and second class boys. Alongside some of these are the words, ‘You nincompook’ and ‘You jellyfish’!

Can you add anything to this or do you want to know more?

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