More evacuee memories

We met Maurice Came in our blog An evacuee in Lavington and will now look at more of his wartime memories, written for his talk to Lavington School pupils. Having relocated from London, it must have taken a while to become accustomed to a country childhood. Indeed, he said the only thing to look forward to was a trip to the cinema. (That would have been in the local town of Devizes, about six miles away.)

However, he did enjoy collecting sweet chestnuts at the Grove and playing conkers there.

He explained that if your conker smashed an opponent’s one, you would add one to your conker’s score. If the opponent’s conker was a sixer, then you could add six to your score.

Another memory was of camping with the scouts in the chalk pit on Lavington Hill. It has now been filled in, but this postcard shows the uneven ground, from which chalk had been extracted to make lime to spread on the fields. The nearby farm, towards the top of Lavington Hill, was called Limekiln Farm.

We will consider more of Maurice’s childhood memories from World War II evacuation in a future blog.

Can you add anything to this or do you want to know more?

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