Drummer Boy postcards

The Drummer Boy, formerly called the New Inn, was a public house in Market Lavington, which closed in 2015. Previous blog posts about this pub include A memory of the Drummer Boy, The Drummer Boy Pub Sign, Drummer Boy memories and The Drummer Boy Pub.

At Market Lavington Museum, we have a picture frame containing six local postcards, which used to hang in The Drummer Boy.

There are two images of Pond Farm camp on Salisbury Plain in 1909 and one of haymaking on the plain in about 1915. The three pictures of the village show The Spring, Church Street (with The New Inn, later called the Drummer Boy) and the High Street before the right hand building adjoined to what is now the Co-op was demolished.

Unseen by most of the visitors to the museum are the backs of the cards.

The label on the back of the frame informs us that the views had been appreciated by David Harper, who bought them, and the framed set was presented to the museum by his parents, Mary and Malcolm, in memory of their son.

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