Pins and needles

At Market Lavington Museum we have all sorts of artefacts related to home sewing, from hand sewing machines and a dressmaker’s dummy to much smaller items, such as those in this photograph.

These came into the museum collection in 1988, but date back much earlier than that. We can only guess at the vintage of brands labelled the Queen’s and Victoria Royal. The jet black pins cost 1d (240 old pennies made a pound) and obviously precede decimalisation in 1971. However, by that date, a box of pins would have cost more than 1d due to inflation over the years.

The reels of thread remind us of a time when sewing cotton was just that and not made of polyester. The reels were wooden and not plastic.

These items of haberdashery have local provenance, having belonged to a lady who lived on The Spring in Market Lavington.

Can you add anything to this or do you want to know more?

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