Winter and spring fun

We have featured Maurice Came, and his memories of being a World War Two evacuee in Market Lavington, in several blog posts. His talk to Lavington School pupils mentioned lots of the fun and games had by the youngsters in the neighbourhood. Unfortunately, we do not have any photographs of his activities.

Although Maurice was living in Market Lavington, he went to an evacuee school with his own teachers over the boundary in the next village – West Lavington. This school was held in the old sports club there.

Out of school, Maurice remembered the fun he had in snowy weather, sliding down the hill by Canada Woods on home made sledges and having snowball fights. He also went sliding on Periwinkle Pond, below Ramscliffe, when the water had iced over.

He talked about the sheep up on Salisbury Plain. (They spent the warmer months up there and were driven back down Lavington Hill for the winter.)

Our photo is of the sheep being driven over the crossroads in the early 1950s, Maurice remembered the shepherds setting up hurdles to corall the sheep when they were up on Salisbury Plain. The enclosure was lined with straw bales, inside the hurdles.

The youngsters went bird nesting in the Spring. The hobby of collecting birds’ eggs was commonplace then, but much less acceptable nowadays. Maurice spoke of eating peewit and moorhen eggs. No doubt that was deemed to be a welcome supplement to wartime food rations.

We will look at Maurice’s Summer and Autumn pastimes on another occasion.

Can you add anything to this or do you want to know more?

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