A land girl at Knapp Farm

During World War I, women had worked on the land, replacing the men who were on active service, but this land army had been disbanded after that war. It was re-established in June 1939, shortly before the beginning of World War II. Pamela (also known as Pat) Wilmott joined the land army and worked at Knapp Farm in Market Lavington.

Knapp Farm, near White Street, is now a private house and its barns have also been converted into homes, but the museum has been given some photographs of a land girl at work there in the 1940s.

This picture of Pat with a bullock is in a field on the edge of the village, not far from Knapp Farm.

Here, Pat is bringing Blossom the horse down White Street, towards the farm after unloading hay and building a haystack.

Next time, we will look at her pictures of threshing in 1945.

There are several blog posts giving information about Knapp Farm. These can be found by going to the museum blog’s home page and typing Knapp Farm into the search box.

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