Easterton memories of 1930s

Joy’s oral history recording contains all sorts of snippets of information which build up a picture of life in Easterton village before the 1939-45 world war.

Market Lavington Museum blog has often focused on the carnival parades for Hospital Week which started in Easterton and made their way to Market Lavington. Joy remembered that the church fete held at Easterton Vicarage also featured a fancy dress parade with a route from White Street, along the High Street and up King’s Road.

Other summer memories included army convoys making their way through the village and up to Salisbury Plain, which kicked up a lot of dust. The children used to wave to the soldiers.

There was also a Sunday School coach outing to the seaside at Bournemouth or Weymouth. As well as the beach, there was excitement to be had by visiting Woolworths, where nothing cost more than 6d. (This was before the time that Woolworths had come to the local town of Devizes.) The children took sandwiches for their lunch, but stopped in Salisbury on the way home to buy chips.

Back in the village, Joy remembered the smells coming from Sam Moore’s jam factory, which employed a lot of local people. There was seasonal work to be had too. The women were involved in the hoeing, pea and fruit picking and so on and were able to take their babies and children to the fields with them.

Other employment in the village included joining the staff at the big houses, such as Kestrels and Queensfield. Joy remembered smartly dressed maids and cooks wearing uniforms and chauffeurs with peaked caps.

We are very pleased to have this recording to remind us about local everyday life over eighty years ago.


Can you add anything to this or do you want to know more?

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