Drying the bricks

In The Brickworks we have seen a sketch of the machine that made and cut the bricks at Market Lavington Brick, Tile and Pottery Works. They were made from wet clay and needed to dry off before they could be fired. Our blog post, Hacked off, shows the long, low huts, designed for this purpose, with their open sides and rooves to keep off the rain. Tom George said these sheds were on both sides of the road and used for brick drying in the summer.

Our oral history recording by Mr Tom George, the son of the brickworks manager from 1910 onwards, informs us of other areas at the site, which were used for drying bricks. Tom talked of the long building to the left of the house, which contained his father’s office and a post box in the wall. We imagine he was referring to this main building, though it is hard to tell for sure.

Tom said the rest of the building was used for drying bricks in the winter or for storing three buses. Maybe this is the end of the building where these things happened.

We can be more certain of another brick drying location. In 1920, the brickworks were sold and passed from Holloway Bros ownership to W E Chivers, of Devizes. Tom George said that it was during Chivers ownership that the aerodrome was purchased. (See A brickyard hut.)

According to Tom, this ‘hanger’ had underfloor heating and bricks were dried there.

Can you add anything to this or do you want to know more?

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