Sarah Gye’s photo album

There have been various branches of the Gye family living in Market Lavington and, over the years, more than one of them called Sarah. In the museum, we have a photograph album that was given to a Sarah Gye as a Christmas present in 1897. The first picture in this hefty book is of Sarah herself.

At the back of the album, we see that the present was from a lady with a rather illegible, but possibly French, name.

We are making the assumption that the recipient, Sarah Gye, was the lady featured in our blog entry Sarah Gye of the IOGT. If so, she was probably working in service in the south east of England at the time she received the present, a couple of years before her marriage.

Our blog entry says she married James Weston, though the record card for the album says she married Frank Weston. However, the Sarah in our previous blog was the daughter of James and Mary Ann Gye and both of these feature in the album, which makes us think we have the right person.

The album contains many photos of family members, not all labelled, but offering us a wonderful insight into fashion at the very end of the nineteenth century and into Edwardian times. We will feature some of these in future blog posts.

Can you add anything to this or do you want to know more?

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