One a penny, two a penny, Hot Cross Buns

This Market Lavington Museum blog entry is scheduled to be published on Good Friday. Traditionally, this was the day for eating hot cross buns, with the cross on the top a reminder of the crucifixion. Nowadays, hot cross buns seem to be available for sale over several months, but this was not always the case.

Joy, the daughter of Jim Sheppard, Tip-Top baker of Easterton, told us in her oral history recording that orders were taken in advance for these fruit buns. They were made through the night from Maundy Thursday into Good Friday and were delivered to customers early on the Friday morning. Joy remembered that they cost 6d for seven buns. ( There were forty sixpences in a pound.)

Jim Sheppard prided himself on his high quality baking and entered baking competitions in Bristol. He won certificates for baking Hovis bread and, in 1932, won a gold watch for his Hovis lunch cake.This achievement was proudly printed on his paper bag, which we have in Market Lavington Museum.

For more information, see Jim Sheppard, Jim Sheppard again, Easterton bakery supplies and The baker’s delivery van.

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