A day out by coach -1935

By 1935 there had been a large bus depot in Market Lavington for many decades – see Lavington and Devizes Motor Services and The bus company in Market Lavington. However, in 1932, it was taken over by Bath Tramways. There was still a good service, enabling Market Lavington villagers to take trips out to many destinations. This was, no doubt, much appreciated in those days when most families would not have had a car.

At Market Lavington Museum, we have a list of all the coach trips available in September 1935.

There were quite a range of options each day.

For example, on 1st and 22nd September, you could take a day trip to Southampton or have a seaside day out at Swanage or a half day in Bournemouth. On the same dates there was a more local option of going to Bratton and Westbury for an evening outing.

Visits weren’t limited to weekend days. Retired folk would be available on weekdays and many women didn’t have paid work in the 1930s.

Pick up points were in the villages of Market Lavington and Potterne and the local market town of Devizes. Depending on the location of the destination, the coach would either start off in Devizes or in Market Lavington.

The prices given are in pre-decimal currency. For example, 7/6 means seven shillings and six pence. There were twelve pennies in a shilling and twenty shillings in a pound, though none of the tours cost anything like as much as a pound. However, the average pay was about £300 for a whole year’s work in the mid 1930s.

The final page of our coach tour information is for outings to special annual events such as carnivals and fairs.

Lavington had its own telephone exchange at the time. The two digit telephone numbers indicate that not that many households were on the phone.

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