Remembering 1945

Market Lavington and Easterton have an active Women’s Institute, though they have not been able to meet up as usual during the Covid 19 pandemic lockdowns. At the museum, we set up a display of some of our artefacts relating to the WI, but we have not been able to share that with visitors either, due to not opening in 2020 and our 2021 opening is now in doubt as we wait for essential building repairs.

At the museum, though not in this display, we have an album of photographs recording various WI activities and events. This page is about a lunch provided to commemorate the World War II victories in Europe and over Japan in 1945. Although no year for this is provided, we surmise it was in 1995, marking the 50th anniversary of these events. It certainly took place in the old village hall in Market Lavington. This was replaced by the new Community Hall in 2007, so the lunch predates that.

Getting into the spirit of the occasion, the nearest waitress appears to be wearing a turban. The ticket shows a basic price for a basic lunch on ration, but extras were available on the black market!

Can you add anything to this or do you want to know more?

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