A pyrene fire extinguisher

At Market Lavington Museum, we have fire extinguishers for use in an emergency. This one, though, is an artefact dating from the mid twentieth century, which came from a home in Easterton. (It is now empty.)

Made of brass, with a simple to use pump action, these were popular in the early twentieth century, often being carried in vehicles.

They contained carbon tetrachloride, which was effective at stopping combustion. However, that was linked to health risks, affecting the central nervous system, liver and kidneys, so was later withdrawn from use in fire extinguishers. (It could also change to the WWI poison gas, phosgene, when heated.)

The Pyrene Company Limited became Chubb Fire Security Limited in 1971.

Although Market Lavington is now served by the fire station in Devizes, it used to have its own fire station. For blog entries on this, try typing fire in the search box on our home page at marketlavingtonmuseum.wordpress.com

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