They was nockalated

At the time of writing in 2021, during the Covid 19 pandemic, mass vaccination is taking place at a rapid rate. The first vaccine, against smallpox, was developed by Edward Jenner back in 1796.

At Market Lavington Museum we have a leather bound family bible, from the Merritt family. It dates back to the 1700s. As was commonplace at the time, the blank pages in the book have been used to record family events. In this case, the births of the many children of Robert and Lea Merritt between 1778 and 1804 are written in the bible.

Less usually, we find this interesting piece of vaccine history in amongst the birth records. It concerns the inoculation of five of their children.

James, Thomas, Elizabeth, Ann and William was nockalated 25 day of February in 1799 by Doctor Collier, Sutton Wilts.

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