Hussey’s the furnishers

Although we refer to Market Lavington as a village, nowadays, it had been quite important as a shopping centre for surrounding villages and sold a wide variety of goods.

In our museum collection we have a bill from Husseys from July 1959. Mr Carter bought a bedstead, but we are not sure what a 4 foot S.I.M. might have been.

The Hussey family had been involved with furniture for several generations, as cabinet makers (see Henry Hussey requires information) and then owning the furniture shop on the corner of Church Street and White Street.

The crossroads in the village was known as Lamb Corner and this blog about the area includes a picture of Hussey’s shop in 1960s.

We see their shop again in this postcard from about 1970.

The postcard below is undated, but probably an earlier view of the furniture shop.

There is no furniture shop in Market Lavington now. At the time of writing in 2021, this site is occupied by a coffee shop.

2 Responses to “Hussey’s the furnishers”

  1. Mike Coltart Says:

    I remember in the 70’s a large dayglo orange sign with …
    written in black marker pen in the window.
    It always made me smile as it rolled off the tongue if you said it quick enough and repeated it !!!.
    He was nice chap with round face and a big smile…. I think he was Len Hussey. ??

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