A Book of Common Prayer

We have already seen that The Bishop Tanner Charity left money for very specific purposes within Market Lavington, the place of the bishop’s birth. For instance, there was to be an annual social gathering for The Better Sort of Parishioner.

There was also 20s. to buy four bibles with common prayer, to be given also yearly on St. Paul’s day to such four poor persons in the said parish as in the opinion of the Vicar or his Curate were most likely to make the best use of the same, and were least able to buy such. (Twenty shillings was equal to one pound.)

In Market Lavington Museum, we have one of these Books of Common Prayer funded by the charity.

Its covers are embossed with the badge of the Society for the Promotion of Christian Knowledge. The recipient of this book was James Kyte from the village of Easterton, just down the road from Market Lavington.

This inscription was written by the vicar at St Mary’s Church – Rev. Thomas Pearson.

The book contains various orders of service and prayers along with the psalms.


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