An overcrowded school – 1958

Before Lavington School opened for secondary school aged children in 1962 and Market Lavington got its new primary school in 1971, the Victorian village school building was unable to house all its pupils.

We can thank student teacher Rowena Campbell Trigger for details of the situation in 1958. This is her photo of the old school building, taken from the church tower.

It had been built as a boys’ school and a girls’ school, in the two rooms at right angles to one another. In the 1870s, the front room (on the right in this photo) had been added for an infant class.

But, in 1958, the school was organised as five classes. Rowena wrote that there were 22 children in the 5-7 years class and 17 in the 7-9 years class. There were 30 9-11 year olds, 29 11-13 year olds and the top class had 26 children, aged between 13 and 15. So the old school building was just used for the top three classes.

The classrooms had been measured, in feet, by Rowena. There was no school hall, but there were toilets, each sex having three cubicles.

Space was at a premium outside, particularly for the girls.

We will have a look at the accommodation arrangements for the rest of the school next time.

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