A day at the seaside

In her file of Market Lavington Memories, Sybil Perry wrote about day trips to the seaside using Mr Sayer’s coach trips. We have already featured some of these in A coach trip to Weymouth in 1926, A day out by coach -1935 and Another Charabanc Outing.

We have seen this photograph before, in Church Life, and it records a St Mary’s Church choir outing to the seaside in about 1960. Sybil is on the extreme right.

image00210.jpg (553×545)

However, in her file of memories, there is an earlier picture of an outing to Weymouth, taken in about 1930. Sybil recalled how girls tucked their dresses into their knickers so they didn’t get wet when paddling or in the way when building sandcastles.

Sybil is in the front row, to the right of the boy with the bucket. Just as photographers in Salisbury took photos of the charabanc passengers on their way to the seaside and had them available for purchase on the return journey, the seaside photographer worked in a similar way. Sybil wrote:

“He would walk along the beach and call out that he was going to take a photograph. All those who wished to be in it would go to him and form a group, children in front and adults behind. When he had taken the photograph, he would tell us at what time we could see it at his kiosk on the beach or promenade, and decide if we wanted to purchase any.”

Sybil explained that in those days, very few people could afford a holiday away from home, so the char-a-banc day trips were their only opportunity to see the sea. Similarly, many people would not have had their own cameras and the photographers’ pictures provided a good memento of the outing.

2 Responses to “A day at the seaside”

  1. James Perry Says:

    To the left of Sybil is Kay Davis and to the left behind her is I think my grandmother Mary Baker. Kay’s daughter (I think is next to her).

    • marketlavingtonmuseum Says:

      Thank you, James. Sybil named all the people in the c 1960 photo in her memories file and they are all named in the blog called Church Life, which is accessible as a link from A day at the seaside blog. It would be good to have any Market Lavington or Easterton folk in the c1930 photo named, but that was taken about 90 years ago.

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