A black box

In Market Lavington, we have a range of post boxes of various ages and designs. We think of these as being pillar box red in colour, as is this wall mounted postbox on Kings Road, dating from Queen Victoria’s reign.

Despite its age, this box is still in use. It features in our Post-box terms and conditions blog.

However, in the wall outside Clyffe Hall, along The Spring (part of the B road through Market Lavington village), there is another wall mounted box, which is painted black.

It is no longer in service – maybe because it is awkward to access, alongside this part of the road, which has no pavement. A newer post box replaces it, where there is a pavement.

The old black box dates from the reign of King George V (1910 – 1936). The GR cipher on the later George VI boxes is in a more ornate style of lettering and has the Roman numeral VI between the G and the R.

The box outside Clyffe Hall has Post Office above the posting slot. More recent mail boxes have Royal Mail on them instead of Post Office.

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