Tombola 1924

Regular readers will be aware that, in pre National Health Service days, Market Lavington held an annual Hospital Week of fund raising events and entertainment to raise money for health providers and local folk in need due to family illness.

Here we have a couple of tombola tickets from the 1924 effort.

We can see from the ticket numbers that a lot of people bought them to support the cause and in the hopes of winning one of the hundred or so prizes, mostly donated by local folk. There must have been some great excitement at the draw in the parish room (a wood clad building opened in 1907 or 8).

We imagine these must have been lucky tickets as there are prizes written on the reverse sides. (The numbers below were added during the process of accessioning the tickets into the museum collection. Numbers have to be attached to artefacts so that they can be identified, linked to their records (which contain information known about them) and located in the store, when they are required for display. We follow Wiltshire Museum Service advice about numbers being securely attached but removable if needs be. So where numbers are written on paper items, that is done with a 2B pencil, which can be erased.)

Mrs Gilbert won a pair of salts and Mrs Coleman won the handbag. At the museum, we have a lot of records relating to Hospital Weeks in the 1920s and 1930s. The minutes of the organising committee meeting on 25th July 1924 inform us that the handbag prize was donated by Mr James Glass. The donation below of two half bushel baskets was from Mr Mullings. This family were basket makers in Market Lavington. (See A Mullings Basket.)

We will share more aspects of the 1924 Hospital Week in further blog entries.

Can you add anything to this or do you want to know more?

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