Preparing the 1924 Hospital Week events

We have already seen the Tombola 1924 tickets, but this was by no means the only event planned to raise funds that August. At Market Lavington Museum, we have the minutes from the organising committee’s meetings, so we know that they were in the Volunteer Arms planning on 25th July.

It would have been important to advertise the fundraising events to as many people in the locality as possible, so it was good that Fred Sayer, owner of the bus company in the village was able to assist. (See Fred Sayer and Jess Trotter for a lovely picture of his wedding.)

The master of ceremonies at the whist drives was to be George Pike. He was a local butcher and we have one of his newspaper advertisements from 1924 in the museum. (See George Pike advertises.)

Plans were discussed for a dance, with piano music, and a film show. There was no dance hall or cinema in the village, so we assume both events took place in the parish room, a wooden hut type building.

Prices for the various events were agreed.

The carnival was the big event of Hospital Week. It was going to run to the same format as in the previous year, with the addition of an extra class for entries with an agricultural theme.

Plans were obviously well under way, but another meeting was required six days later. That one was to be in a different public house – The Green Dragon.

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