Event details for 1924 Hospital Week

We have already learned about Preparing the 1924 Hospital Week events and seen the tickets for the Tombola 1924. This typewritten page gives more detail into what was happening, when and where. Whilst some events were to be held in the parish room and the bowling competitions, with prizes of a pig, would take place in two of the local pubs, some of the local gentry had made their homes and gardens available too.

Hospital Week 1924 was to start, on the Sunday afternoon, with a concert by Market Lavington Prize Band in the grounds of The Old House on Parsonage Lane.

This was by kind permission of Anne Pleydell Bouverie (See Ann at The Old House.)

On the same day, there was to be a sacred concert at Clyffe Hall, a large residence on The Spring. This photo of the hall dates from the 1920s and was probably taken by Bill Elisha.

The parish room was to be decorated and ‘brilliantly illuminated’ by Fred Sayer, of the local bus company. It was to be the venue for the whist drives, two film events and a dance, with optional fancy dress.

The big event of the week would be the carnival which processed from Easterton, led by the band, and ended with a fete and sports at ‘The Park’, a venue provided by A M Walton. Arthur Walton ran Mr Walton’s Department Store. The photo is of the carnival in Easterton in the 1920s.

The week would end with a united church service on the Sunday. After that, it would be time to gather in all the proceeds and see how much had been raised to support local medical services. We will reveal that in our next blog post.

Can you add anything to this or do you want to know more?

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