At the time of writing, in July 2021, a long spell of hot weather has enabled farmers to make hay. In the field at the top of Northbrook in Market Lavington, the grass was cut by one man in a tractor. It was then turned and fluffed up several times to ensure that it was thoroughly dry. Finally, a big baler gathered the hay into large, wrapped cylinders, which were spewed out one by one.

Finally, the field looked like this, with the bales awaiting collection and providing play opportunities for several local youngsters.

Remembering back to the 1970s and 80s, similar work was carried out by a single tractor driver, but the bales made were much smaller, cuboid in shape and tied with baler twine rather than wrapped.

At the museum, we are extremely glad to have Sybil Perry’s file of handwritten memories of Market Lavington. In our next few blog entries, we will use these to feature local haymaking in the 1920s and 30s.

One Response to “Haymaking”

  1. clivebennett796 Says:

    I remember haymaking in the 1950s in Somerset and Wiltshire so I shall look forward to your posts on this. We had a cousin Jim (?) Shergold who farmed in Easterton.

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