Rolling the barrels

For many years, Market Lavington in central Wiltshire held an inter pub barrel rolling competition. Teams from the four village pubs, The Green Dragon, The Kings Arms, The Drummer Boy (formerly The New Inn) and The Volunteer took part. This would no longer be possible as only The Green Dragon survives in the village now.

We have featured this event before, so do look for more information and pictures in Barrel Rolling, Roll out the Barrel and Newspaper Cuttings.

Our records suggest that this collection of newspaper cuttings was put together by the late Mrs Di Lund to promote the last barrel rolling event in 2010.

As it was not deemed safe to roll the barrels on the main road through the village, the distances between the pubs were measured and marked out along White Street and each team of three competed in a heat with another pub and the winners then raced against each other. The race involved rolling a barrel and drinking beer.

The local scout group organised the barrel rolling event, starting in 1971, when the team from The Kings Arms were the winners. The newspaper photo shows them receiving the trophy.

In order to run the event safely, it was necessary to have a car free course through White Street. At the museum, we have a couple of letters from the scouts asking residents to clear the road of parked vehicles. This one dates from 1990.


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