Around Fiddington Farm

Reading on through Vera Shergold’s essay on My Bit of Wiltshire, we come to a brief description of her house and realise that is has been there for a very long time, with parts apparently dating back to 1615. She wrote that ‘the front part is the original, and the walls are two feet thick, made of huge stones. The old beams, we believe, are relics from the days of wooden sailing ships.’ She said that her grandchildren were the sixth generation of her husband’s family to live there.

However, her next paragraph explains that Fiddington Farm is no longer a farm business, but just a family home, with extensive views.

Vera also enjoyed the local walks in that northern part of our parishes of Market Lavington and Easterton, writing that there

For further information and photographs of the places she mentions, see also More on the location of Maggot’s Castle. which shows the location of the three graves. There is a picture of the railway line in Tornado in Lavington and you can read more about Wroughton’s Folly in In search of Maggot’s, The Folly, More on the location of Maggot’s Castle. and More on Wroughton’s Folly


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