An escaped highwayman

We have previously learned of a local Highway Robbery This took place near Gore Cross in 1839. However, we are also aware of another highwayman. This man had escaped from the Market Lavington police constable and there was a reward offered for his return.

We are aware of this, thanks to the Women’s Institute, who produced two ring files of local history. The second one dated from about 1953. They stuck in a handwritten copy of a newspaper article dating from the time of King George III, so somewhen between 1760 and 1801.

Isaac Blagden was accused of stealing a horse and robbing on the highway.

We have a detailed description of the suspect, who was about 5 foot 8 inches tall, stout and with brown hair. He was about 32 years old, had a round face and his skin was pitted from smallpox. He walked with a stoop.

He had been a resident of Market Lavington and it was assumed he was hiding up in that locality.

The government’s act of parliament enabled a reward of £40 to be offered and an additional five guineas (£5.5s) was available to anyone who brought him before a Wiltshire magistrate.


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