The Northbrook witch

Northbrook is the name of the road leading out of Market Lavington’s market place and up onto the greensand. It was formerly one of the most heavily populated parts of the village, with many cottages crowded together.

This picture shows part of Northbrook, looking down from the greensand hill. At its lowest point, the road crosses the stream (hence its name) and our postcard shows Northbrook rising uphill again towards the Market Place. The field on the right is now covered with the houses of Bouverie Drive.

There is a section in the 1953 Womens’ Institute history file which deals with alleged hauntings and relates the story of a witch who lived on Northbrook. This old woman was said to worry cows and other animals. Sometimes she changed into a hare, but could not be caught. Eventually, men with guns waited until they saw the hare crossing Northbrook and shot at it, wounding its leg before it disappeared.

The old woman was not seen for a few days, so her house was entered and she was found dead in her bed, with a gun-shot wound in her leg.

The hare was never seen again.

2 Responses to “The Northbrook witch”

  1. dougald ballardie Says:

    Reputedly, the witch lived in our cottage on Northbrook. The thatched cottage, The Rest, the roof
    of which (no pun!) can be seen in the bottom left of the picture.

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