Potter’s bus again

We have already seen Edwin Potter’s Bus at Devizes, but are delighted to have found some more information about this important transport service in the Women’s Institute file on local history, dating from 1953.

The horse bus ran for about fifty years and took passengers and parcels to and from Devizes Station. This was a very important link to the outside world in late Victorian times as Lavington’s own station did not open until 1900.

edwin_2.jpg (561×295)

We learn from the WI file that the bus could carry eight passengers inside. It also carried mail and parcels. It took meat in hampers to be sent by train to London butchers. At the turn of the century, at the time of the Boer War, Potter’s buses brought the newspapers to Market Lavington from Devizes.

This horse bus service ran until 1916. The WI informs us that one of their vehicles was then used for sheltering cattle workers at Wallace’s. The other was sold to someone in Trowbridge and used at various carnivals.

See The Horse Bus for another photograph of Potter’s transport service.

2 Responses to “Potter’s bus again”

  1. David Lawrence Says:

    I believe the people driving the bus are Edwin Albert Potter and his new wife Mary Ann Pike (Married in 1903). Edwin Pike senior is shown in the 1891 Census as an “Omnibus Proprietor”, and his son Edwin is shown as “Assisting Father”. Edwin and Mary had a daughter Amy Kathleen Potter who was my Aunt; She looks so much like her mother in the photo. She married Frank George son of “The Brickworks” manager Albert George. I hope this helps.

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