Mrs Grist’s embrocation

West Park Farm is situated on Ledge Hill, the road leading from Market Lavington towards the main road towards Salisbury or Devizes. We learn from the Women’s Institute history file, of 1953, that this farm was built in 1867 and that it took over much of the land that had belonged to Parham Wood Farm. That farmhouse had to be demolished due to subsidence when the railway cutting was dug. (See John Sainsbury at Parham Farm and The Sainsbury Family at Parham Farm.) We do have a picture of that farm in the 1880s

image0025.jpg (599×370)

and of the dairy business at West Park Farm in the 1920s.

west_p2.jpg (608×371)

The WI file also tells us that Mrs Grist lived at West Park Farm and gives her recipe for embrocation – a lotion to be rubbed into the skin to relieve the pain of strained muscles and sprains.

Four new laid eggs had to be whisked with half a pint of turpentine and half a pint of strong vinegar. The resulting liquid then had to be put in a bottle and shaken well!

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