Clyffe Hall contents for sale – 1898

On our museum blog, we have featured the large house in Market Lavington called Clyffe Hall on several occasions and we have various twentieth century artefacts, from the time when it was an hotel.

This postcard of Clyffe Hall dates from 1908. Before that, it was lived in for many years by The Hon. Louisa Hay as a widow. She was a daughter of the Pleydell Bouverie family. Following her death in 1898, the furniture and other contents of the home were put up for sale by auction. We have the brochure from this sale, which provides a fascinating insight into the interior of a grand Victorian home.

Some of the most desirable items featured on the cover of the brochure, to tempt a goodly number of bidders to the sale, which took place over two days. The lots are listed room by room, so we can imagine the auctioneer and potential customers moving around the building during the sale days.

First up were the more mundane items from the dairy and larder.

We will return to this sale another time and take a look around some of the other rooms.

Can you add anything to this or do you want to know more?

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