An embroidered sports cube

At Market Lavington Museum, we are very fortunate to have some of the embroidery created and inspired by Mary Greening. She came to Market Lavington in 1962, as the wife of the first headmaster at Lavington School, but became well involved in the community in her own right. See Mary Greening Embroidery and A dodecahedron for examples of her talent.

We have already featured the embroidered cube made by Mary and members of the local Derby and Joan Club in A Market Lavington winner in the Summer of Sport, but will now take a closer look at the stunning work on the six faces of the cube.

It was designed to be exhibited on a wooden stand and here we see it pictured in front of our newly exposed fireplace in what was the upstairs storeroom, but will become a visitor area when we re-open later this year.

Here we see the sport of cricket with its bat, ball and wicket, sewn by Betty Martin.

A close up view of the football face shows attention to detail both in content and in the choice of fabrics used for the different items sewn by club member, Norah Hitchings.

The ball looks very realistic and almost three dimensional and the ref’s whistle even has a cord attached.

The face representing swimming was produced by Betty Martin and Audrey Wilks made the bowls face.

Snooker was portrayed by Lily Fielding with all the balls on the baize ‘table’.

The final sport was darts, created by Norah Hitchings, who achieved an almost three dimensional look with her clever positioning of the arrows.

Unsurprisingly, this entry from the Market Lavington and Easterton Darby and Joan Club won the Wiltshire Regiment Cup and was displayed in 1988 amongst the winning entry group exhibits at the Age Concern handicraft exhibition.

Can you add anything to this or do you want to know more?

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