A pump plunger

In a previous blog, A barrelled cylinder pump, we introduced one of our artefacts at Market Lavington Museum and explained how it worked, using information from former resident, Tom Gye. He knew of three such pumps used at his family business between 1780 and the 1930s.

At the museum, we also have the pump bucket plunger from inside one of these old drinking water pumps.

This object measures 73 centimetres in length and would have been attached to a handle, which was pumped up and down, forcing water out of a spout. Our close up pictures show the ‘bucket’ made of wood and leather, with a weighted flap.

Attached to our record card for this very old survivor of a long gone system of water supply is an explanation of how it worked, written by Tom Gye.

Can you add anything to this or do you want to know more?

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