Lot 1 – sold to Alfie Alexander

Our previous blog entry introduced documents concerning the auction sale of twenty lots of land and properties that had belonged to Market Lavington Manor.

A closer look at the map shows that lot 1 was a house on Church Street.

The postcard below shows this building on the extreme left of the picture. It became the vicarage (later rectory) in 1945, but is now back in private ownership.

The auction particulars give us a description of the accommodation and the plot it stands on. We are also told that Mr Alexander was renting it for £25 a year.

Interestingly, someone has written on the schedule the names of purchasers and the price paid for many of the properties. So we know that Alfie Alexander, the tenant, bought his home for £415.

Mr Alexander was a colourful character. We have a description of him and the house he bought, written by long term village resident, Tom Gye. (See THE RECTORY.)

We also have a photo of Alfie Alexander Walking with Winston Churchill.

Can you add anything to this or do you want to know more?

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