Lot 5 sold at the 1916 auction sale

We have already looked at lots 1-4 of the sale of parts of Market Lavington formerly belonging to the manor. These were substantial properties – the house that later became the Rectory and Grove Farm.

However some of the lots, such as 5 – 8 were small parcels of land, but their descriptions give us tantalising clues about long gone cottage homes.

Lot 5 can be seen coloured pink on the map.

This plot lay between Church Street and Knapp Farm and was approached along The Muddle (aka New Street). We learn that an old cottage there was called Littlemead but, by 1916, it was just used as a store. We see that Mr W Hopkins had been renting this useful smallholding with its garden and pasture land and paying the manor estate four guineas a year for it. However, he was obviously in a position to purchase it at the auction and paid £110 for it.

We imagine he was Mr William Hopkins from nearby 21 Church Street, which was a builder’s merchants business.

We will focus on lots 6-8 next time.

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